Every American should have access to affordable health insurance, therefore expanding coverage and cutting healthcare costs is the priority. Preserving the original intent of Medicare without the use of vouchers, privatization, or arbitrary insurer cancellation is one of my primary goals. It is time to end the suffering of elderly Americans being forced to choose between meals and medication; it is time we modernize Medicare with a prescription drug benefit.

Everyone is born with a pre-existing condition and it is tantamount that we include coverage in our healthcare system with no penalties to the consumer. With the number of Americans on Medicare expected to double in the next 35 years, this objective is critical.

Women’s Health

I support full access to health services for women in West Virginia.  I support expansion and enhancement of preventative services for the total well-being of all women in West Virginia.


I value our West Virginia senior citizens, their well being is an important part of our states overall health.  I am committed to helping these citizens retain their independence, dignity, and standard of living.

Children and Families

I support the maintenance of a strong family life (as defined by the individual citizen), I support:

a. family medical leave and sick days.

b. safe and affordable daycare/after-school care.

c. funding for effective intervention services for families in crisis.

d. effective and fair child support collection system.

e. policies that support healthy child bearing and planning with comprehensive family life education.


Education is the cornerstone of the foundation of West Virginia, it is the most important means by which future generations compete in a global society.  A good education starts with a qualified, certified teacher in every classroom. I stand by an educational system that provides this for our children.

Civil Rights

I continue, like our past state leaders, to champion for the civil rights of all persons within the state.  I support laws and policies that recognize, utilize, respect, celebrate and assimilate these cultures and social differences among the states citizens and systems.

Access to Broadband

There are many parts of Southern West Virginia where access to broadband internet is limited or nonexistent.  The state of West Virginia is doing us a huge disservice by not investing in the infrastructure and technology to bring broadband internet access to rural communities.  I support partnering with new businesses that do this work and I hope we can end this lack of service for Southern West Virginia.


I support a tax system that is fair, based on the ability to pay.  A tax system that preserves adequate household incomes, that increases family spending power.  

Agriculture and Forestry

I support family farms in West Virginia.  I believe producing locally grown foods ensure that West Virginia farmers and families have a sustainable system of nutrition that achieves profitability in the state and national marketplace. 

I support good conservation practices that leaves more to future generations.  I fully support clean air and water efforts that maintains our state’s natural beauty while expanding, promoting, and developing tourism in our state as a means to further diversifying our economy.


West Virginia’s best natural resource, “We, the people”.  Southern West Virginia has the potential to become one of the economic engines for the state.  Right now we have a very unique opportunity to attract more good-paying jobs to Southern West Virginia as we attract the state’s brightest minds; our educational systems and local governments, in conjunction with civic and religious organizations are positioning themselves to do all they can to keep that talent here in West Virginia’s 3rd District.


I support full funding for public libraries.  Our public libraries are the lifelong resource for learning for the community.  Public libraries make technology access available for all citizens. 

Law and Order

I faithfully adhere to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia.  

Drug Policy

I support the end of incarceration for non-violent drug offenders.  I stand behind funding for recovery, treatment, and integration programs for residents with addiction.  I believe in the full decriminalization of cannabis and understand that the WV legislature lags far behind the citizens of the state when it comes to support for cannabis reform.  Polls taken recently have pegged support for cannabis legalization nationally at between 54 and 61 percent (Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post).  It is clear that the voters’ opinions concerning cannabis policy reform have shifted significantly over the past decade, but the attitude of our state and federally elected officials have not progressed in a similar manner.