Access to Broadband

There are many parts of Southern West Virginia where access to broadband internet is limited or nonexistent.  The state of West Virginia is doing us a huge disservice by not investing in the infrastructure and technology to bring broadband internet access to...


I support a tax system that is fair, based on the ability to pay.  A tax system that preserves adequate household incomes, that increases family spending power.  

Agriculture and Forestry

I support family farms in West Virginia.  I believe producing locally grown foods ensure that West Virginia farmers and families have a sustainable system of nutrition that achieves profitability in the state and national marketplace.  I support good...


West Virginia’s best natural resource, “We, the people”.  Southern West Virginia has the potential to become one of the economic engines for the state.  Right now we have a very unique opportunity to attract more good-paying jobs to Southern West Virginia as...


I support full funding for public libraries.  Our public libraries are the lifelong resource for learning for the community.  Public libraries make technology access available for all citizens. 

Law and Order

I faithfully adhere to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia.