Women’s Health

I support full access to health services for women in West Virginia.  I support expansion and enhancement of preventative services for the total well-being of all women in West Virginia.


I value our West Virginia senior citizens, their well being is an important part of our states overall health.  I am committed to helping these citizens retain their independence, dignity, and standard of living.

Children and Families

I support the maintenance of a strong family life (as defined by the individual citizen), I support: a. family medical leave and sick days. b. safe and affordable daycare/after-school care. c. funding for effective intervention services for families in crisis. d....


Education is the cornerstone of the foundation of West Virginia, it is the most important means by which future generations compete in a global society.  A good education starts with a qualified, certified teacher in every classroom. I stand by an educational...

Civil Rights

I continue, like our past state leaders, to champion for the civil rights of all persons within the state.  I support laws and policies that recognize, utilize, respect, celebrate and assimilate these cultures and social differences among the states citizens and...