About Lacy Watson

I want to genuinely represent the people of West Virginia’s Third District and promote their interests and concerns.  I am a proud citizen of Bluefield and the product of the Mercer County public school system.  I will exercise sound judgment to further develop the economic, social, and educational standards my county has come to expect from its community leaders.

I am active in the community through my service with the United Methodist Church, and former outreach activities while an instructor at Bluefield State College. I am a regular community volunteer with Energy Express and an advanced lay speaker with the United Methodist Church.  My parents are lifelong residents of Mercer County, and I am the eldest of three distinguished siblings.


The values that I possess and live by are simple and unwavering; love God, love your neighbor. What I want the people of Mercer County to know about me is this:  I, myself, am a work in progress, that I possess the same values they hold, and together through the legislative process we can construct a WV that works for us all. I want the people of southern West Virginia to know that the decisions I make as their representative will always be in their best interest and on their behalf.

My objective is straightforward and unwavering: represent the working-class people of West Virginia.